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Solo adventure in Queenstown
February 18, 2016

Two days ago at the road junction in Twizel my travel buddy and I eventually went separate ways. 4 weeks of traveling and living crazy adventures together all over New Zealand´s South Island had completed thrown me out of my solo-traveler-mode. Sad, tired, lonely, I drove down south to Queenstown in my 1998-Subary-Legacy. After traveling around the world for 11 months it was time to slow down for a few days. I needed to take a break and some time to re-energize.

It had been raining for days in the adventure capital of New Zealand. The hostels in town were fully booked, so I kept busy refreshing my search on and move accommodation every day. Figuring out my next travel stops and chatting with the girls in my female dorm helped lift my spirits up, but I seriously struggled to recover my happy-self. I needed a serious energy boost.

This morning I got up early before the rain set in again in order to bungy jump down 134 meters from the Nevis bungy pod. OMG!


Nevis Bungy Jump
Shit, I am really doing this!


Nevis Bungy Jump
Never look down from the world’s third highest bungy jump!


Bungy Jumping in Queenstown
Adrenaline rush. 8 seconds of free fall!

And how could I have refused to purchase the video of my epic first bungy jump? 😉

3… 2… 1… bungy!

I loved it!!! Not quite the 30-second-free-fall I enjoyed skydiving above the Namibian desert, but this time there was nobody attached to me. It was just me, standing on the edge, taking a leap of faith and jumping head first. All solo.