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Scariest seconds of my life skydiving in Swakopmund
April 18, 2015

Do what you fear and fear disappears

Swakopmund is the African adventure destination #1, so I decided it was the perfect moment for my first skydive.

Last selfie before skydiving
Last selfie in front of the plane, last instructions from my Skydive tandem master Alfred
Skydive buddies
Marina and I enjoyed the quiet flight over the beautiful Namib desert in our tiny plane, everyone was still relaxed.
Just before the door of the plane opened
Then they told us we had reached 10.000 feet and we realized that there was no turning back!
Scariest 5 seconds of my life
The scariest 10 seconds of my life, when the door opened…
Marina out of the plane
… and Chris jumped out of the plane with Marina (he had prayed before the jump, Alfred hadn´t)
Hanging out of the plane
Alfred holding on to the plane while I was hanging at 10.000 feet over he Namib dunes, trying to lean back and to hold my legs backwards underneath the plane
Oh shit, we jump!
Oh shit!!! 35 second freefall

And here is the unedited version of the jump 🙂

I loved it 🙂 Best African adventure ever!!!

Adrenaline rush
Adrenaline rush
Happy end skydiving
Happy end

And the road trip continues 🙂


  1. O.O’ HOSTIA!!!! que pasada!!!!!

    1. Yes!!! Scuba diving mola, shark cage diving es divertid, pero sky diving.. Wow!!!

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