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Road trip to Northern Namibia? Anyone?
April 14, 2015

After diving with the great white sharks and a few more days in and around Cape Town, I was ready to travel to Namibia. It took 21 hours and 4 stops at the South African-Namibian border (passport, body search, and the same all over again) until my bus finally arrived in Windhoek. I did not expect much of the capital city, so I was not disappointed that there was actually not much to do, except for heading straight to the shopping mall to get the internet to work on my phone (I know… pretty much indispensable though, the wifi at Namibian hostels is super slow, if there is any at all).

There are two ways to travel in Namibia. #1 join a organized tour #2 rent a car. Unsurprisingly,#1 was very expensive, plus Namibia was going to be one of my highlights and I did not want to rush through the country, so I chose to give #2 a try. However, we are not talking European distances here and renting a car by myself was not only going to be costly, but probably not the best idea (I just don´t see myself changing a tire on my own in the middle of the desert, still not adventurous enough). Hence, I needed to make friends!

Solo traveler, empty hostel, low season, so… no problem. I paid a visit to the 3 hostels in town to hang up my “travel buddy wanted” notes, and within 24 hours we got the crew together 🙂

The Etosha Crew
The Crew (Yay, we escaped from Windhoek!)
Our tiny overloaded Ford Figo
How do you fit an Australian, a German, a French and an Austrian into a tiny Ford Figo? Driving on a shoestring
Dirt road to Waterberg Plateau
Dirt roads to Waterberg Plateau. See, why would we need a 4×4?
First challenge on the way to Waterberg Plateau
Oh, hold on… Our first challenge…
We can do this!
…we can do this!

On our way up north we stopped at the Waterberg Plateau Park for one night.

Watch me! Spotting our first wildlife in Namibia, the rock hyrax
First contact with the Namibian wildlife at the Waterberg Plateau park, the rock hyrax
Enjoying stunning views from the Waterberg Plateau
Enjoying stunning views from the Waterberg Plateau

After an early morning hike up to the top of the plateau we squeezed ourselves back into our little car and headed to the Etosha National Park, the highlight of our Northern Namibia road trip.