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My days in dear Chilaweni
August 26, 2015

Cock-a-doodle-doo! A new day has started in Chilaweni, Malawi, at least for the chickens and the goats in our backyard. Some women are chatting while pumping water at the nearby well, where we also fetch our drinking water from.

What time is it? 5am. Yeah, at least another hour of sleep for me!

Goat in the backyard in Malawi
“Recycling” in rural Malawi

Andrrreeeeea!!! Tomatoes!

Has the vegetable lady already arrived already? Okay, just one minute!

Vegetable lady in Malawi
Early morning tomato delivery

Boiling water!

Yay, Fanny knows me 🙂

Filter coffee in Malawi
Filter coffee a la Chilaweni

No more bread left? Someone must have a little midnight snack 😉

Off to the “Chimemwe Shopping Centre”.

Shopping in Chilaweni
Grocery shopping

Breakfast is ready, guys!

Fanny in our kitchen in Chilaweni
Fanny preparing oatmeal in our kitchen

Does anyone have to recharge their electronics? I need to take my power bank to the “charging station” this morning.

Kids at work
Andrrreeea! Good morning, guys! Making bricks

What Quest project are we working on today? Enlarge the windows of the Chilaweni Primary School.

New classroom windows for Chilaweni
Little helpers

Quick mandazi break, guys!

Souvenirs being sold next to our house again? Well, I guess my room could use some decoration 🙂

Souvenirs in Chilaweni
Malawian art. How about a little discount if I exchange my tupperware?

Back to work!

Never without the support of the Chilaweni community 🙂

Paint the new classroom windows
Dennis junior
Clean the wall of the Chilaweni school building
Dennis sr, the head teacher & favorite neighbor

Oh, we have visitors for lunch today? Welcome 🙂

Rice, beans & "Chinese" (green vegetable)
Rice, beans & “Chinese” (green vegetable) with the Chilaweni community

Now I need a nap zzz…

My own room :)
My newly decorated room

Chicken alarm!!!

Life in Chilaweni
Our daily visitor heading straight for the girls´room

Fanny, let´s bake a cake!

Baking with a charcoal stove
How to bake with a charcoal stove

Paco & Issy, is it time to play yet?!

Kids in Malawi
Kids in our backyard

Off to the school yard.

Play with the kids of Chilaweni
Summer holidays in Chilaweni

I am invited over to Fanny´s house. Quick bucket shower (check), rescue girl from a spider (check), off we go.

Fanny´s family in her backyard
Fanny´s family in her backyard

One wall of Fanny´s small house came down during January´s floods. She hopes for Joshua to provide her with a new home soon.

Fanny´s house
Fanny in front of her house with her brother-in-law, daughter and sister

It´s winter and the sun sets early. Time to walk back home.

Beautiful Chilaweni
Beautiful Chilaweni

The power bank is not charged, because there was another blackout today? No rush, let´s try again tomorrow.

It´s been a good day. Candlelight dinner by 6pm.

Daily pasta with tomato sauce
Daily pasta with a cheeky shot of Malawi gin


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