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My 2 Cents on Victoria Falls
May 20, 2015

Victoria Falls is the tourist attraction no 1 in Southern Africa, hence it deserved its own post.

The UNESCO world heritage site and most expensive tourist attraction on the continent is shared between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The morning after the fabulous afternoon river cruise on the Chobe River, two South African couples offered me a cup of coffee and a lift to the border of Botswana (“we just want to make sure you get there alright, Zimbabwe is not safe”) where I asked myself the same question as every traveller: what´s the best way to enjoy the Victoria Falls?

There is a lot of information on this on Wikitravel, but I also have to use my brain during my 1-year-RTW so here´s my 2 cents.

Start the day with a refreshing walk to enjoy the $30,- view along the Zimbabwean side. Rumors have it that you can sneak in for free.

Most beautiful view of the seventh natural wonder of the world


There are tons of fun ways to enjoy the falls. Most of them come at a high price, but all of the adventure activities can easily be arranged from the backpackers.

Data bundles are overpriced in Zimbabwe for Southern African standard. Econet is more expensive but seems to offer the best service across Zimbabwe. Don´t bother getting a Simcard if you only stop at the falls, you can buy wifi at the hostels.

I finally understood why everyone had recommended to bungee while traveling along the Garden Route but I just wasn´t ready for it back then. Only since my first amazing skydive in Namibia I felt prepared to take on the third-highest bungee jump in the world. However, $160,- for a few seconds of free fall just seemed ridiculously expensive in a country with an average monthly salary for government employees of $370,- so I decided to save my first bungee jump until later this year (New Zealand?!).

Make sure to get yourself a $50,- Kaza visa upon arrival that is valid for both Zimbabwe and Zambia for 30 days and enjoy the waterfalls from both countries.

I still had more than 10 months of traveling ahead of me so I also decided against the 15-minute microlight flight ($180,- incl. photos) which was recommended to me as an excellent way to see the 1.7km wide strip.

Cross the bungee bridge aka border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. If you failed to buy the Kaza visa, just get a free bridge pass when you arrive at the bungee bridge aka border crossing.

View from the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia

Don´t fall for the street vendors. No need to buy a stick to defend yourself from the baboons. I didn´t get to see any once I entered the park.

Enter Victoria Falls from the Zambian side – good fun & only $20,-

Victoria Falls from the Zambian side
Plus $1,- to be prepared for the waterfall´s microclimate


The GoPro view. Waterproof cameras only 😉

Hopefully, you brought a bottle of Zambezi. Perfect spot for a sundowner at the top of Victoria Falls

Sunset over Victoria Falls in Zambia
Zambian sunset view