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Most memorable moments in Botswana
May 8, 2015

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser


9. Bus ride from Namibia to Botswana

Pleasant surprise. I figured I would have to go through the not too exciting capital city in order to cross over from Namibia to Botswana. Instead I made it from Windhoek to Maun by public bus in only 1 day 🙂

From Namibia to Botswana by public bus
From Namibia to Botswana by public bus


 8. Day trip around the Ntwetwe Pan

I must have looked ridiculous when I got off the public bus in Gweta with my 50l backpack, camping gear and – my cooler (I still carried the cooler from my Namibia roadtrip with me). I mainly stopped in Gweta to see the lunar landscape of the Ntwetwe Pan and enjoyed having the campsite of the Gweta Lodge to myself.

My first wild dogs in Botswana
Coralise in action, looking forward to seeing her beautiful pictures.

When I took out my camera to shoot my first wild dogs in Africa, I realized I hadn´t charged the batteries. First-world-problems, I know.

On the Ntwetwe Salt Pans in Botswana
Ntwetwe Salt Pans. Fortunately we were nowhere close to last year´s maximum temperature of 56º. I will have to come back to do an overnight, it was only the end of the rainy season and the salt pans were still too wet to drive on.

Another first! Meerkats 🙂


7. Bush walks & chillaxing in the Okavango Delta

One of the main reasons to travel to Botswana was to pay a visit to the 18.000-sq-km wide Okavango Delta. I booked a 3-day self-catering mokoro trip through one of my favorite hostels in Southern Africa and almost ended up on one of the islands in the delta by myself (and the poler). Luckily, I had some nice Slovenian company.

Coffee break in the Okavanga Delta in Botswana
Our “campsite” in the middle of the Okavango Delta. During the day it was too hot to explore the delta. Plenty of time for Slowenian coffee breaks. Marjetka making coffee on the fire pit, Maja relaxing in the background.
Bush walks in the Okavango Delta
Exloring the Okavango Delta. Especially enjoyable in the evening.

6. Picnic under the Chapmans Baobab tree

Picnic under the Chapmans Baobab tree
Lunch near Gweta in the shade of the Chapmans Baobab tree, the national monument of Botswana. I love traveling in low season 🙂


5. Mokoro cruise around the Okavango Delta


Mokoro cruise around the Okavango Delta
“I shall never forget the beautiful Africa”

On our last mokoro ride out of the Okavango delta Oscar, my funny poler, and I sang the delta song, that he had taught us the night before, one more time.


 4. Early morning game drive in Chobe


By the time I got on my second game drive in Africa I knew better! It can get extremely hot during the day, but if you get up at 5am to join an early morning game drive, you better bring a jacket! “The earlier we enter the national park, the more likely we are to see the lions before they hide in the bushes”. Our driver must have observed the two American guys who were ducking down behind my seat and covering themselves with a scarf when he repeatedly explained to us why “we must rush” during the game drive into the Chobe national park.


Warthogs, impalas, buffaloes, hippos feeding on the shore of the Chobe river. And a pride of lions with 4 cute cubs 🙂


Lions during the game drive in Chobe National Park
The park rangers coordinate themselves, so when they spotted the pride of lions not to far from the entrance of the park, all the cars immediately rushed there.

Everyone wants to see the Big Five.


3. Swimming in the Okavango Delta


At first Maja, Marjetka and I were skeptical when Andrew took us to the swimming pool of our little island in the middle of the enormous Okavango Delta. Other travelers had seen crocodiles in the Okavango Delta, even though Oscar claimed we would have to be “very lucky” to spot any.


In the Okavango Delta
We don´t need to risk it, let´s just cool off…
Swimming in the Okavango Delta
No way! Stunning scenery, the only travelers on the island, we can´t miss this opportunity!
Swimming in the Okavango Delta
Andrew & the water lilies
We also went back to our natural bath tub the next day. Unfortunately, we did not see any crocodiles during the three days in the Okavango Delta.


2. My first hippo in the Okavango Delta


On the last evening in the Okavango Delta we took the mokoros further into the delta and stopped by the hippo pool. Marjetka and Maja took the lead with Andrew, Oscar and I followed closely. When we reached the pool, it looked like the hippos had left for the weekend. Suddenly a huge male hippo dove up from the middle of the pool and started to swim towards our two mokoros.
My first hippo in Botswana
My first hippo in Botswana

While the two Slovenian doctors rushed back to shore, Oscar and I kept our distance and hid behind the grass to wait for the lonely fella to calm down.

Sunset at the hippo pool in the Okavango Delta
Sunset at the hippo pool in the Okavango DeltaSunset at the hippo pool in the Okavango Delta


1. Afternoon cruise on the Chobe River


After I set up my tent at the Thebe River lodge I walked to the reception only to find out that there were no boat tours scheduled for the next day. I decided to wait and possibly arrange one myself in town later on. The next day, while I was just sipping my coffee, still a bit tired from getting up early for the Chobe National Park game drive, and  (almost) getting ready to make it into town (I never did), the waiter handed me the phone. “For you! Reception”. A South African family was also interested in joining on a Chobe River cruise!


They made my day when they opened their cooler (I had eventually left my Namibia cooler with “Tears”, the lovely receptionist in Gweta). Wildlife watching & my favorite South African cider!
Elephant feeding next to the Chobe River
Elephant feeding next to the Chobe River
Hundreds of buffaloes next to the Cobe River
Another one of the Big Five. Hundreds of buffaloes next to the Cobe River
Crocodiles and impalas in Chobe National Park
My first crocodile in the Chobe National Park. The impala does not look too impressed.
Hippos in the Chobe River
More hippos
Giraffes at sunset next to the Chobe River in Botswana
Giraffes at sunset
Elephant family next to the Chobe River
One of the many elephant families walking along the Chobe River


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