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Living the good life in Bali
October 13, 2015
How is Bali?
After finally synchronizing her freelance/baby and my backpacker schedule, I had found a quiet moment to chat with my bestie Alejandra, who successfully juggles work as a designer, blogger and independent single mom. After having only spent a few days on the most developed Indonesian island, I still felt overwhelmed by the number of tourists, souvenir shops and massage salons.
…I guess Bali is a bit of everything?
A home to Indonesia’s Hindu majority with offerings at any corner and an infinite number of Hindu temples
Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple
Stunning views around the Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple
Gunung Kawi monument temple site
Gunung Kawi, one of Bali´s largest ancient monuments on the outskirts of Tampaksiring
…surrounded by stunning rice fields
Rice fields of Tirta Gangga
Pretty scenery around Tirta Gangga
…where I finally caught up with my bestie Brenda, who has become an emigration expert and enjoys life on her forth continent.
Rice terraces around Jatiluwih
Unesco-recognised ancient rice terraces around Jatiluwih
A surfers paradise famous for its world-class waves…
… which I conveniently observed from a safe distance and enjoyed for the pretty scenery.
View from the cliffs in Uluwatu
View from the cliffs in Uluwatu
The Australian version of the German Ballermann, of which I already had my fair share in my teens and skipped. For the most part 😉
Party in Uluwatu
Watching the waves rolling in while the full moon lights the dance floor in Uluwatu
The GoPro place to go to where I was reminded to buy a red filter for scuba diving…
Scuba diving in Tulamben
I bumped into a school of snappers while scuba diving in Tulamben
… and where I got to play around with my Malaysian tripod for the first time…
Pura Besakih, Bali´s most important temple
Pura Besakih, Bali´s most important temple
… and happened to record a traditional dance when I suddenly became part of the show.


A pleasant spot to recover from the intense bus rides in Sumatra

Sunset at the beach in Canggu
Sunset in Canggu
… andt to spoil myself on a shoestring.
Living the good life in Ubud
Living the good life in Ubud
An ideal place to rent a scooter for 3€ per day and easily navigate around the island with Google Maps and headphones…
Cruising around the Gunung Batur area
Cruising around the Gunung Batur area
… while enjoying the beauty of our planet.

Peaceful Lake Batur with views onto Gunung Batur
After two weeks in Bali I find the island is what you make of it. It has all the commodities that I craved in Africa. It´s the hub for 1st-world-entrepreneurs, digital nomads, hipsters, surfers, and yogis. It´s pretty. I have the strong feeling I will be back in Bali soon, even if it´s only to extend my visa, treat myself once more with a massage or just fly on to the next country.
Berewa Beach in Canggu
Peaceful Berewa Beach in Canggu

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