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Hello World

It´s my last day in paradise (as of today: Ilha de Boipeba) before it’s time say good bye to caipirinhas, tapiocas and açaí. While I am strolling along the island´s deserted white-sand beaches one last time, I am thinking back of the 2 incredible months I got to spend in this overwhelmingly friendly country. My solo journey around […]

Camel jockey for a day in Kenya
October 9, 2016

International Maralal Camel Derby? O que é isso? The friendly Brazilian guy I had just met while hiking Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro was curiously looking at the camel logo of my flashy red T-shirt. It couldn´t help smiling. Just a few weeks ago in Nairobi I had had the exact same reaction when another backpacker first […]

School books for Malawian children
August 17, 2016

Chilaweni is a charming community in Southern Malawi where people share the same values, greet each other walking along the dirt roads, and go to African or Christian church on Sunday. However, for many residents everyday life is a struggle: houses are cut off from electricity and running water; charcoal is a luxury and people cook […]

Finally in Lima, I am enjoying a “Libanes sanguch” in a modern café in Miraflores, the neighborhood-to-be in Peru´s capital. It´s lunch time and the place is packed. Everyone around me gestures hectically and is dressed nicely, I am glad I changed from my pyjama pants into my jeans before leaving the 21h bus from Cusco. While […]

It felt good to have Alejandra here and travel with her around Machu Picchu and Cusco. My friend came by all the way from Mexico and not only did she bring new laptop along with her but also lots of laughter and good energy. Our 5 days of girl chat and climbing hundreds of Inca stairs […]

From Chile to Bolivia
April 19, 2016

There are two ways to cross the border from Chile to Bolivia on land. One leads past stunning landscape, volcanos, geysers, lagoons, and wildlife; the other one might turn your trip into a nightmare. I tried them both. Are you scared? I had just gotten off the phone with Antonio, the Chilean friend I had […]

Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen. Adriana Huffington Exactly one year ago I ventured out to travel around the world. When I first boarded the plane to Cape Town I didn´t imagine that it would take longer than a year until I set foot on the streets of Barcelona […]

Solo adventure in Queenstown
February 18, 2016

Two days ago at the road junction in Twizel my travel buddy and I eventually went separate ways. 4 weeks of traveling and living crazy adventures together all over New Zealand´s South Island had completed thrown me out of my solo-traveler-mode. Sad, tired, lonely, I drove down south to Queenstown in my 1998-Subary-Legacy. After traveling around the […]

10 reasons to stay away from Raja Ampat
December 30, 2015

When I first arrived in Indonesia in August, I didn´t know which of the 17.000 islands to visit nor how much time to spend there. The Asian country with the 4th highest population is not only the cheapest country I have ever backpacked through but also the perfect place to improvise along the way, so […]

Traditional Tana Toraja
December 9, 2015

Selamat datang! My name is Toni and I am a real albino buffalo from Tana Toraja, the cultural epicenter of Sulawesi. Life at home revolves around 2 things. No. 1: DEATH. Did you know that Toraja families keep the deceased at home until his funeral? You might find it even more surprising that there are plenty […]

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