lima, peru

About me

Hi there! My name is Andrea and I have carried the wanderlust inside ever since I remember.

Growing up in Austria in a small town and studying in an even smaller one, it wasn´t until a student job in Berlin that I realized there was more to life than Wiener Schnitzel & Weizenbier. Immediately after college, I lost my heart to the beautiful Barcelona that I considered my home for the following 10 years. While building a career in IT & project management, I never stood still and enjoyed traveling once a month.

In 2015 I sold everything that did not fit in my backpack and took off to travel the world. For almost 2 years I enjoyed having the time of my life, exploring the remotest places on earth on my own and doing development work to make a difference in Africa.

1.5 times around the world and 5 continents later, I decided to say good-bye to nomadic life and start my next adventure, expat life in Peru.

I hope to be inspired & to inspire the people around me to pursue their dreams.

Every man dies. Not every man really lives.