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10 reasons to stay away from Raja Ampat
December 30, 2015
When I first arrived in Indonesia in August, I didn´t know which of the 17.000 islands to visit nor how much time to spend there. The Asian country with the 4th highest population is not only the cheapest country I have ever backpacked through but also the perfect place to improvise along the way, so I was only left me with a few first-world-questions.
Was I fit enough to climb up to the summit of the Rinjani volcano? Should I renew my visa (impossible, I got the free 30-day-visa) or do a visa run (cheap & quick visa run to Malaysia)? Was it worth carrying my own snorkeling gear around (definitely, small feet=no fins outside the Gili Islands)? But it was one particular question that kept popping up in my head all the way from the misty ricefields of Sumatra to the gorgeous beaches around Kuta Lombok.
Should I visit Raja Ampat, the most exclusive Indonesian tourist destination?
I decided to book a flight to Papua and spend one week in the Indonesian archipelago.
Enough time to think of 10 reasons why you should stay away from Raja Ampat.
Beach hut in Raja Ampat
My beach hut on Kri Island in Raja Ampat
1. Scuba diving and snorkeling have never made it onto your bucket list, and you still wonder why people spit into their diving mask.

Scuba diving around Melissa´s Garden
2. You get easily bored with yourself when staying on a gorgeous tropical island surrounded by white beaches and palm trees.
Kri Island in Raja Ampat
One week in Raja Ampat paradise
3. You prefer the winter over the tropical climate and break out into a sweat when learning that the owner of your beach hut is recovering from malaria.
Beautiful corals in Raja Ampat
Beautiful corals in the Raja Ampat archipelago
4. Island hopping isn´t your thing and turquoise not your favorite selfie-background-color.
Views around the Fam Islands
Stunning view during my day trip to Fam Islands
5. Exploring the Indonesian archipelago with the richest marine biodiversity on earth and hanging out with a wobbegong is less exciting than your usual daily routine.
Wobbegong in Indonesia
Wobbegong, the funkiest-looking animal I have seen on this trip
6. Hiding your grocery bag outside of your hut to avoid late-night-visitors is more than you can take and underwater wildlife gives you the shivers.

Sea snake gliding through the water at 15 meters
7. You can´t understand why bules get out their tripod when they spot a palm tree, because you grew up climbing palm trees on a tropical island.
Palm trees surrounding Kri Island
Every girl her own palm tree.
8. You no longer feel the magic of snorkeling with turtles and  don´t see eye-to-eye with fish babies.

Clouds of fish babies all around Raja Ampat

9. You are just really not into shark selfies.

Scuba diving with sharks in Raja Ampat
Scuba diving with plenty of reef sharks in Raja Ampat
10. You are running out of money and 20€ per person for a private bungalow & 3 daily meals / 35€ for a 60-minutes-dive with manta rays don´t fit in your travel budget.

Scuba diving with manta rays at Manta Sandy
Which place has been my favorite on your RTW trip so far?
For the past 9 months I have been struggeling to answer this question without naming at least 3 countries. Now I have found my answer…
Kri Island in Raja Ampat
… so please stay away from my paradise 🙂